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More Tips to Create Professional Looking Wholesale Jewelry Displays

Earlier, we gave tips on setting up creative wholesale jewelry displays that are attractive and eye-catching. You can encourage customers and retailers to purchase boxes of wholesale jewelry to display in their stores with the right combination of colors, styles, and wholesale jewelry designs.For more ideas on how to get the best looking wholesale jewelry display, read on:

·Think portable. Wholesale jewelry displays aren’t just for stores. Trade shows are events wholesale jewelry owners must attend to attract more customers to their stores. Thus, wholesale jewelry displays need to be easily taken down for transporting and storing. Wholesale jewelry should be durable enough for travel, yet lightweight enough to be carried easily. Wholesale rings are small wholesale jewelry pieces that are both durable and light to carry.

·Earring racks are a big help. Keep displays pre-loaded with wholesale jewelry so it’s ready to be purchased at a moment’s notice. For example, revolving earring racks are a great help because wholesale earrings can be displayed vertically without taking up too much space on your table. Additionally, necklace busts can be displayed with wholesale pendants and necklaces. Having such displays ready when customers visit you at your home to look for samples not only saves time, it also shows your dedication to your wholesale jewelry business.

·Wholesale jewelry pieces are sparkling accessories, so what better way to highlight the glamour and shine of these pieces than using lights and mirrors? Lights help wholesale jewelry pop visually, while mirrors encourage customers to try the pieces on and see for themselves if the wholesale jewelry matches their style and personality. Portable lamps with good bulbs and well-polished mirrors are great tools that can be used to sell more wholesale jewelry.

·Invest in wholesale jewelry cases. With proper care, wholesale jewelry can bring good business to you. Protect your wholesale rings, wholesale bracelets, wholesale earrings, and wholesale necklaces from damage and tarnish by storing them in wholesale jewelry cases.

Entice your customers to take a closer look with stunning and breath-taking wholesale jewelry displays. Showcase the best wholesale jewelry pieces to encourage customers to purchase from you, making them valued clients for your wholesale jewelry business.