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Wholesale Jewelry for the Older Set

When one thinks of wholesale jewelry, first thing that comes into mind is that these fashion jewelry pieces are made for the contemporary women of today. Retailers and resellers should keep in mind that wholesale jewelry encompasses women of all ages. Just because a woman is in her golden years, it does not mean that wholesale fashion jewelry for them are large clip-on earrings or oversized brooches.
In the name of fashion, age has nothing to do with looking trendy. It is the maturity and wisdom that makes a mature woman even more beautiful and one way to accentuate that ageless grace is by providing them with the best wholesale jewelry suited for her. 
Pearl wholesale jewelry is timeless.An ageless grace is portrayed when a fabulous woman over fifty put on pearl fashion jewelry. These classic wholesale jewelry pieces have proven to stand the test of time and will look amazing on the golden gals of today.
CZ wholesale jewelry sparkles with youthfulness.The beautiful sparkle of CZ wholesale jewelry will bring out a woman’s golden glow. However, colors play a vital role so as a mature woman will never look like she is still hanging on to her youth. Offer CZ wholesale jewelry in hues of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and the like as these speak of refinement and elegance.
Add a twist to Classic wholesale jewelry.Timeless and classic wholesale jewelry will always look elegant on the older set. However, it does not mean that the golden ladies should stick to bland wholesale jewelry choices. Give the classics a twist. Pearl wholesale jewelry can be worn layered with long chains, complimented with a graceful wholesale cocktail ring. Similarly, clear CZ stud earrings can also be paired off with statement wholesale necklaces or wholesale bracelets. 
Age appropriate bold wholesale jewelry choices.It is not true that only women in their prime can get away with bold wholesale jewelry pieces. Depending on the color and style, enormous CZ wholesale rings, bold wholesale brooches, or wholesale earrings can add a different dimension to a plain garb.
With these tips in hand, you can be a wholesale jewelry retailer that offers fabulous fashion jewelry for women over fifty!