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Where to sell your wholesale jewelry

So, you’ve just made your big wholesale jewelry purchaseand you’re ready to make money off it. You know you have a great wholesale jewelry collection that customers will love and you’ve got all the right marketing spiels to back it up. However, the big question remains: where do you sell your wholesale jewelry?

Finding the right location is a matter of survival. It has to be accessible and cost efficient. As a budding wholesale jewelry entrepreneur, conducting an intensive and extensive market research may not be in your list of options right now so we’re giving you some tips on where you can sell your wholesale jewelry items and how to find them.

1. Get to know your surroundings. Get out of the house. Look around. Meet people. Which shops will most likely benefit from selling wholesale jewelry on the side? Visit dress shops, beauty salons, travel souvenir shops, even coffee shops. Talk to your fellow entrepreneurs. Wholesale jewelry is easy to sell if you are in the right place with the right target market. Offer your potential business partners with a good deal so they’ll be enticed to carry your wares. Don’t worry too much about making big profit right away.

2. Start at home. Hold an afternoon tea/acquaintance party and invite neighbors, officemates and friends. Encourage them to bring along their friends. Showcase your wholesale jewelry collections and come up with other fun activities so it won’t look like hard sell to your guests. Allow your guests to try on some of the items. Make sure there are strategically placed mirrors around so they’ll immediately see how they look with your wholesale jewelry pieces on. Don’t just talk about your wares. Remember that it’s still a party so make it fun.

3. Go online. The Internet is the new marketplace. It’s convenient and cost efficient, and its worldwide reach opens up more business opportunities for you. If you’re planning on taking your business online, you have to do more than just setting up a website. You have to do research. What keywords do customers use when searching for wholesale jewelry online? How do you market and advertise your products in such a way that it will stand out from the many wholesale jewelry suppliers out there? Don’t let your guards down. The Internet is just as competitive as the real world. But if you know where to look, it is also where you will find reliable business partners like online wholesale jewelry supplier Cerijewelry.com.