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Stainless Steel Men's Rings for Summer 2020

Looking for new designs to sell to your male customers? Here are a few of our new stainless steel rings that you can add to your inventory this season.

It isn’t only the women who love accessorizing with fashion rings. Some men are obsessed with adorning their digits with the latest ring designs too. And now that it is summer, we have new styles that you can add to your collection.

And without further ado, here are five fresh wholesale fashion rings for men with the latest designs for summer. Do check them out as they may be the pieces your customers are looking for this season.

CJ281 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Clear Ring

First up is a shiny piece featuring a group of triple-A grade cubic zirconia center stones. The tiny round stones formed a hexagon that gives the illusion of having a large crystal center. The band as a high-polished finish and is molded to fit comfortably in the finger.

CJ287 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Sea Blue Ring

This next piece features the brilliantly clear tiny round crystals forming a rectangle, and a rectangular sea blue-colored crystal on the left. This ring is perfect for matching those summer pastel shirts, or any pastel-colored shirt, for that matter.

CJ282 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Clear IP Black Octagon Ring

For your customers who love dark-colored pieces, this is the piece to offer them. This stainless steel ring features a black-plated band with triple-A grade CZ stones forming an octagon as its centerpiece. And to match it are round CZ stone accents on both sides of the band. You can also market this piece as a male promise ring because of its design.

CJ252 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Black Diamond Ring

This next piece is almost similar to the third ring. However, this one has the rectangles in landscape design. And, the other centerpiece is a gorgeous, eye-catching black diamond CZ stone. This ring is perfect for wearing with Whether it's a business attire or a casual black shirt, this ring is a perfect fit.

CJ279 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Clear Ring

Last but not least, we have a simpler version of the other rings. This piece features three simple parallel lines made of sparkly clear triple-A grade cubic zirconia crystals. The lines complement the rectangular design of the band. This geometric ring is perfect for wearing with other jewelry with the same style.