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What Influences People to Buy Jewelry

Learn the factors that urge consumers to purchase jewelry.

Businesses, whatever the industry, need to understand their customers’ buying habits. You need to consider your target market when customizing your marketing strategies. Especially now, as consumers have shifted to buying essential items like medicines, food, and toiletries, and jewelry isn’t considered as one.

With that said, why do people buy jewelry? Today, we will be sharing the factors that influence people to buy wholesale fashion jewelry.


People have the natural desire to express themselves through their fashion choices -- they wear pieces that they believe represents them as themself. If one identifies as a vintage chic, she will wear pearls and vintage jewelry. On the other hand, a rocker chic would be wearing skull rings and other oxidized silver jewelry. 

The need for something new

All people also have the desire to have something new because it gives feelings of excitement and contentment. This is especially true for those who want to reward themselves for working extra hard at something, or for celebrating a milestone at work or in their personal life. Rewarding oneself with a new pendant necklace they really like can make a person instantly feel a lot better.


Consumers also tend to be curious as to how the current most popular ring design looks on them. This is especially the case with particular jewelry their favorite celebrity wore. So they will look for a similar piece and purchase them, even if they don’t really need it. In other words, consumers impulse buy because they have been influenced to. 

Fear of missing out

Fear of missing out, or as millennials say, FOMO, urges consumers to purchase jewelry even if it’s not in their shopping list. For example, if a woman belongs to a group of friends who love layering minimalist rings, she will, most likely, buy a set of minimalist rings for herself too.

The need to belong

As with the fear of missing out, people also tend to want to belong in a particular group. Pieces like friendship bracelets and military rings make people feel that they belong to an exclusive group who share the same interests or style. Wearing such pieces also makes them feel more connected to others who share the same outlook on life.