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The Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

Here's an earring guide to help your customers pick out the perfect pair.

Curly haired woman wearing red tassel earrings and a black crop top

Not all faces are alike, and so are earrings. Although anyone is free to wear any pair, there are specific designs that actually can accentuate the wearer's facial features. Whether you are a jewelry retailer or a wholesale fashion jewelry seller, it's best that you know these things so you can help your customers pick out the best pairs for them.

Check out this guide on the ideal earring style for every face shape.

First up, you should be able to help your customers determine their face shape. Generally, there are six shapes -- long, round, oval, square, heart, and diamond.

Source: BoldBarber.com


Long or narrow faces are characterized by lengthy slender width.

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If you have this face shape, you better avoid wearing long drop earrings as these further accentuate the length of your face. The best pairs to wear then, are studs, hoops, and drop earrings with round styles. Go for rounded designs rather than elongated ones with sharp edges.


A round face usually has the widest length at the cheekbones. A rounded chin line also characterizes this face shape.

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Teardrop earrings, long drop earrings, chandeliers, and tassels are perfect if you have a round face as they give the illusion of making your face look elongated. Avoid wearing pairs with circular designs as they tend to make your face look rounder.


An oval face usually has a slightly wider forehead than the chin. They say this is the luckiest face shape because virtually any ring style looks perfect with it.

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If you have an oval face, wear any style of earrings! Drop earrings tend to balance your facial features while studs accentuate them. Don't be afraid to wear bold statement pairs!


A square face is characterized by the same length of cheekbones and jawline. The forehead is straight along the hairline, and the chin is flat.

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Studs, hoop earrings, and other pairs with rounded styles are perfect if you have a square face. These styles balance the sharp angles on your face. Avoid wearing hoop or drop earrings with square designs as these tend to add more width.


Wide foreheads and narrow chins characterize heart faces. The chin is pointed, and the jawline tapers down to it.

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If your face is heart-shaped, you can go with every pair of teardrop earrings. As for drop or dangle earrings, choose ones that have rounded designs at the bottom. One good example is the chandeliers. Avoid wearing long and slender designs as these tend to accentuate your pointed chin.


Excellent cheekbones characterize a diamond face and they are wider than the forehead and chin.

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Drop earrings and studs that do not have sharp angles are ideal if you have a diamond face. However, you should choose drop earrings that have lengths that stop above the chin. These types tend to accentuate a diamond face's features.