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Why Physical Jewelry Shops Still Matter

Don't close your jewelry store just yet! Here are the reasons why.

Smiling woman behind jewelry shop counter

With the rise of e-commerce and more specifically, mobile commerce, many businesses have decided to close down their brick and mortar stores. Some of the biggest retailers who announced store closures this year include Victoria's Secret, Payless ShoeSource, and J.C. Penney. However, that does not mean that you should follow their footsteps.

Today, we are giving you reasons why your physical shop still matters, and why you should re-think your decision in going purely online.

View outside a jewelry shop with passers-by

1. Consider your baby boomer customers.

Although your target audience still is the millennials or Gen X, you should also consider your baby boomer market. According to eMarketer, baby boomers are a little behind in online shopping, especially when smartphones come into play. They only use smartphones for product research and not for purchasing. That said, keep your shop open for this age group. They might be looking for the best wholesale fashion rings to give their daughters, sons, and grandchildren.

2. You have a more personal connection with your customers.

Online shopping may be more convenient, but the human staff is replaced by robots. That said, social interaction is lessened. However, when they come into your shop, you can ask how their day went and what particular piece they are looking for. You can recommend pieces that would look good them as well. These are just some of the things you cannot do online.

3. Customers can try on the jewelry pieces before purchasing.

Some customers prefer to see the actual jewelry piece before buying them. If they are to shop online, this just isn't possible, even if you provide photos of your items in multiple angles. They would also want to try them on to see whether a particular piece looks good on them or not.

4. Some people avoid delivery fees.

According to recent studies, 65% of consumers do not shop online to avoid delivery fees. This is especially the case if the delivery cost is quite expensive. Customers would prefer going to stores, even if they have to drive there or take a taxi!

5. Shopping is exercise and therapy!

Lastly, shopping is food for your health. It is said that retail is therapy and we couldn't agree more. Going to your favorite jewelry shop in the mall or downtown requires you walking, and this is cardio! And online shopping just cannot quench the thirst for social shopping and discovery of consumers.