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Tips for Using Instagram Stories for Your Jewelry Brand

Learn the ways to effectively boost the sales of your jewelry through Stories.

Phone screen showing an Instagram Story
Source: NewYorker.com

According to Social Media Today, Instagram Stories now has more than 500 million users. This feature then allows businesses to reach more consumers who are currently active. Statistics also say that 1/3 of the most-viewed stories by users are from businesses. And since Instagram is a visual collection, it's one of the best social media platforms to use for your jewelry.

Whether you are a start-up jewelry business or a wholesale fashion jewelry seller, social media platforms like Instagram can definitely help you boost your brand. In fact, Animoto found that 63% of companies have said that a Story encouraged a customer to send them a direct message. That's why for today, we are giving you some tips on how you can use Instagram Stories to build relationships with your customers and boost your business.

Phone screen showing an Instagram Story
Source: Blog.BeFunky.com

Get to know your audience.

The first rule here is to know who your audience is. You have to make sure that the video or photo that you are going to post is tailored for them. Naturally, these users would not be interested if you are going to post content that is unrelated to the jewelry industry. Only post content that your target customers would actually want to see.

Be proud of your brand's theme.

One way to stand out in Stories is by using your brand's theme and colors. For example, if your logo has a pink palette, try to post photos or videos with these colors. Or if you sell minimalist jewelry, go minimalist with your posts as well. Doing so and being consistent with your content will allow you to drive awareness through Instagram's feature.

Optimize your videos for sound-on viewing.

Don't just post ordinary videos, optimize them by adding good upbeat music or a voice over. Some users love watching videos with sound. Don't forget to add an emoji that says "sound on" to urge users to listen to your video's audio.

Always post thought-provoking content.

Customers like it when the content is mysterious, striking, and aesthetic. So make sure to post only the best looking photos of your jewelry items. As for videos, do take time in editing them; leave your users in awe with beautifully crafted videos.

As an added tip, watch the Stories of your competitors. Check their theme and posting styles, as well as their posting times. Test if these work for you, and adjust if they don't.