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The Importance of Jewelry Packaging and How It Affects Consumers

Here are three reasons why after-purchase packaging is as important as any marketing strategy.

As with your displays, how you package your wholesale fashion jewelry pieces can make or break the success of your business. Packaging may be your selling point, especially if you have so many competitors. Some companies forget its importance entirely and just rely on good reviews and selling at attractive low prices. But for your jewelry business to boom, every aspect of your marketing strategy, even the smaller ones should strongly be paid attention to, and even invested on. This week, we are going to tackle the importance of jewelry packaging and how it affects your customers.

Reflects brand image

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Jewelry packaging reflects your brand's image and personality. If you are selling vintage-inspired jewelry, it is fitting to package them in the same theme. Go for recycled boxes and add some little details like lace or even pages of old books. Browns and pastel colors fit this theme. For the minimalist theme, use monochromatic packages with simple yet straightforward details. Sticking to a particular theme will also allow customers to easily remember you.

Turns first-time customers to repeat customers

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Great packaging also triggers customer loyalty. If your customers loved your packaging, there is a bigger chance that they'll become repeat customers. This is the reason why you should always include all the important details on the packaging, such as your physical store address if applicable, email address, and of course, your social media accounts. You can also add a note encouraging them to leave you a review on your website.

Customers can recycle the packaging

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Customers love beautiful premium packaging, especially if they can be reused. For example, if your after-purchase packaging is a small box, they can use it to store other stuff such as paperclips, nails, or even money. Some even recycle boxes or bags as gift packaging. With that said, any packaging that can be reused appeals to consumers than simple throwable plastic bags.


Jewelry businesses should then pay strong attention to after-purchase packaging. When your wholesale fashion jewelry pieces are sold in attractive boxes and bags, there is a bigger chance of receiving positive reviews, and if you're lucky, praises on social media accounts as well.