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Ways to Transition Summer Wear to Fall

Still got summer items in your wardrobe? It’s time to make that transition. Here are some accessorizing tips to help you get into the spirit of fall.

Summer was fun, even it was spent mostly at home because of the pandemic. The hot sun made us enjoy refreshing drinks and wear cute outfits. But now that the air’s a bit chilly, it’s time to start transitioning to sweaters and maxi dresses. As with clothes, your jewelry styles should now be different, too, to complement your fall look.

If you have customers who find it hard to accessorize with jewelry this season, here are some styling tips you can share with them as well as picks from our wholesale fashion jewelry collection:

Switch from minimalist bracelets to bangles.

Minimalist bracelets were all the rage, as they look gorgeous when worn with minimalist rings. But this fall, wide bangles are perfect for wearing with sweaters and other long-sleeved tops and dresses. They are perfect for wearing over the sleeves and pairing with cocktail rings and statement earrings.

CeriJewelry’s pick:

Women's Sky Blue Crystal Leather Wrap Bracelet from CeriJewelry
SB-9124 Women's Sky Blue Crystal Leather Wrap Bracelet

Choose warm-colored CZ jewelry.

Summer was all about pastel and bright colors, and fall is all about warm hues like red, orange, and purple. With that said, wear CZ jewelry pieces that feature CZ stones in colors like garnet red, amber, and amethyst purple. The same is the case with the metal plating. Rose gold, yellow gold, and brown plating are perfect for this season too. 

CeriJewelry’s pick:

CZ Purple and Chocolate Plated Earrings from CeriJewelry
CJE2541 Women's Wholesale CZ Purple and Chocolate Plated Earrings

Pair gold with leather.

As mentioned earlier, yellow gold is perfect for fall. Leather is too, as this is the season for leather knee-high boots and belts. You can never go wrong with matching these accessories with gold fashion jewelry. Both exude warm and snuggly feels, and they look perfect with fall outfits. Don’t be afraid to wear statement gold pieces, like a wide band ring or a large pendant necklace.

CeriJewelry’s pick:

Women's Brass P Gold Top Grade Crystal Clear Heart Ring from CeriJewelry
CJ293 Wholesale Women's Brass P Gold Top Grade Crystal Clear Heart Ring


Need new wholesale fashion rings and other pieces for your fall collection? Head on to CeriJewelry.com!