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Men’s Wholesale Fashion Rings Under $3

Are you selling jewelry online? Have you considered selling men’s rings? If not, it’s time you do. 

We believe men’s jewelry is underrated. When you go to online jewelry stores, their websites are, most of the time, marketed towards women. Cut through the noise, and try to be different; offer jewelry to men too.

That is why, for today, we are featuring some of the best pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection that are priced below $3. These rings are guaranteed stylish even at low prices, so do check them out!

CJE2920 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Multiple Cut Band

We’ll start off with this stainless steel piece that features a multiple-cut design. Got customers that are fans of the books or films Maze Runner and Labyrinth, or are fans of maze puzzles? This is the piece to offer them as its simple design reminds of maze puzzles you see in children’s books. The stainless steel band is high-polished and weighs approximately 7.31 grams.

CJE2942 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Checkered Design Band

Next up is a piece with a subtle design. This stainless steel ring features a checkerboard. Whether your customers are chess players, ska-music fans, or F1 race fans, this piece will catch their fancy. This ring weighs approximately 6.61 grams.

CJE2922 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Epoxy Jet Celtic Design Band

Customers who have Celtic backgrounds may be interested in this Celtic design ring. It features black epoxy jet accents to make the design pop out of the band. This high-polished stainless steel piece approximately weighs 7.91 grams.

CJE2929 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Jet Epoxy Band

Another ring with black epoxy jet accents, this piece features a simple wave design. It also has a thinner width compared to the previous ring and boasts a simple wave design. This might delight customers who love the ocean or anything that would remind them of the sea. It approximately weighs 6.71 grams.

CJE2935 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Clear AAA Grade CZ Band

Last but not least is a men’s CZ ring. This stainless steel piece features a clear triple-A grade cubic zirconia crystal as its center stone, which gives the illusion of connecting both ends of the band. Its design is unique and definitely not your typical men’s CZ ring. This piece weighs approximately 4.31 grams.


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