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Wholesale Jewelry Spotlight: Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings and How You Can Get Them for Less (PART I)

With the recent news on Anne Hathaway getting engaged to her beau of three years, Adam Shulman, many women are now searching wholesale fashion jewelry stores to get the same engagement ring style for less. Wholesale jewelry store owners should have these wholesale engagement rings to catch up with women who want to look as elegant and sophisticated as these celebrities.

Here are other famous celebrity engagement rings (and more). Find out how you can steal these looks with wholesale jewelry at a more affordable price but first, here’s an idea of what Princess Anne’s bling looks like.

The engagement ring was custom designed by Shulman himself, partnering up with Kwiat Heritage jewelers to create the gorgeous big old rock. Worth an estimated $150,000, the 6-carat sparkler is set in platinum and is the perfect ring for the princess bride. To get this look for less, invest in this 6.4-carat, rhodium-plated wholesale engagement ring that features a gorgeous clear cubic zirconia stone on its center. Wholesale jewelry price: $6.60, now on sale for $4.95.

 Kate Middleton’s Sapphire engagement ring has inspired millions of copycats all over the globe. The Princess Diana-owned jewelry features an 18-carat sapphire gemstone surrounded with 14 clear diamonds and cost $60,000 during its time. Today, the sapphire alone is worth approximately $300,000 and taking the other diamonds in consideration, the total cost of the ring is about $500,000. To have this sparkler in your wholesale rings collection, purchase it for a wholesale price of $7.15.

Another non-traditional gem that was used as the centerpiece of a famous celebrity’s engagement ring is ruby. Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring features a ruby centerstone flanked by two four-carat diamonds on each side. Costing a little over $185,000, wholesale jewelry owners can actually purchase this for a fraction of its price – only $10.35 from CERIJewelry.com.

Reese Witherspoon’s engagement to beau Jim Toth set him back a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars - $250,000 to be exact. The four-carat Ashoka diamond engagement ring is one of its rare kinds, created by celebrity jeweler William Goldberg. A variation of this engagement ring can be purchased for less. The $4.55 wholesale jewelry features a princess cut CZ stone embellished with round cut cubic zirconia stones lined on each side, making it glitter even more.

Celebrities always want their jewelry to be the best among their peers. For regular people, wholesale fashion jewelry is their best bet. Thanks to wholesale rings, wholesale fashion rings, and other wholesale jewelry, retailers can showcase their most impressive wholesale fashion jewelry collection at no big cost.