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Why Physical Jewelry Stores Still Matter in a Pandemic

Don’t shut down your jewelry shop yet. Here are the reasons why.

The pandemic has forced most brick-and-mortar shops to close, and jewelry stores are the most affected. The rise of mobile and e-commerce also contributed to these closures of both small and large known retailers. However, there is still hope for physical stores.

Here are the reasons why jewelry brick-and-mortar shops still matter and why you should rethink exclusively shifting your business online.

Consider the baby boomer demographic.

smiling old couple

Stay-at-home measures may have encouraged baby boomers to shop online for their necessities, but they still enjoy shopping the traditional way. Especially now that these measures have started to relax and people are slowly shopping in physical stores again. eMarketer also found that baby boomers only use smartphones for researching products they want to buy and still purchase in brick-and-mortar shops.

Physical shops allow a more personal connection with customers.

store staff smiling with customer

Yes, shopping online is very convenient, but it lacks genuine personal and social interaction. When people walk into your shop, you can engage with them even when wearing a face mask and ask how their day went. You can also give suggestions on what piece looks good on them. These are just some of the things online shopping lacks.

People get the chance to try on jewelry before buying.

Although it's not recommended to try on jewelry for cleanliness safety, customers can still get the chance to, as long as you provide hand sanitizers or disinfectant wipes. Nothing beats knowing how a piece looks on you, as it also helps a lot in purchasing decisions.

Some shoppers do not like delivery fees.

Studies found that about 65% of shoppers do not purchase online to avoid delivery fees, especially if the cost is quite high. Some customers still prefer going to shops by driving there or taking a commute. It's part of the fun!

Shopping is therapy… and exercise!

Shopping is, believe it or not, good for your health. As the saying goes, retail is therapy, and we could all agree to that. Shopping for something you like can immediately make you feel better. And of course, you'll need to walk to get to the shops, and that could be considered as cardio!


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