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Why Use Email Marketing for Your Jewelry Business

Emails were never a dead marketing strategy. Learn how you can use it to boost your jewelry business.

Email marketing is a marketing tool that brands use to promote products and services. However, many businesses think it’s a dead strategy, especially with the rise in popularity of social media marketing this year. Yet, numerous studies have found that email marketing continues to be the best marketing strategy to attract and retain customers in any business, and that includes the retail or wholesale fashion jewelry industry,

Still not convinced? Here are a few benefits of email marketing to jewelry businesses:

Emails allow you to be regularly seen by customers. 

People check their emails every day, and that is regardless of whether they are work-related or not. In fact, Statista found that 44% of people in the U.S. and Canada checked their personal email one to three times a day. This data just proves that email marketing allows you to be visible to your target customers.

Emails build awareness for your brand.

And because you are visible to your audience, emails help increase your brand awareness. This is one good reason to be consistent with sending emails to your subscribers for them to remember your brand and for them to be aware of your new arrivals and promotions. 

Emails drive more conversions.

More often than not, emails provide higher conversion rates compared to other digital marketing strategies. Well-written compelling emails with eye-catching images or graphics and a clear call-to-action encourage users to click the link to your online jewelry store. Emails then shorten the purchasing process, moving readers closer to checking out.

Emails help increase traffic to your website.

With a clear and eye-catching call-to-action button at the end of the email, you can increase traffic to your website. Create compelling content and stunning visuals like high-quality photos and videos in the email body to ensure that users will read until the end. Remember to make your content straightforward and avoid using flowery language.

Emails help with brand credibility.

Jewelry business start-ups need to gain the consumers’ trust and build brand credibility. Email marketing can help achieve this by providing customers with helpful and informative messages. Regularly sending great, informative content will establish your brand as an expert in the jewelry industry, or the fashion industry, for that matter.