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Rocker Chic Fashion Rings for 2021

Rock your way to the new year with some cool, edgy fashion rings.

Everyone is hoping for a better year since 2020 gave us quite a number of unfortunate events. A positive outlook and the right mindset will pave the way for a better future, along with dressing up confidently. Look better to feel better, and accessorize with jewelry that can empower you.

This January, offer your customers such pieces to make them achieve an edgy and confident rocker chic look. With that being said, we highlight five pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection that are perfect for achieving that confident look.

CJG1191 Wholesale Day of the Dead High Polished Stainless Steel Fashion Ring

Halloween may be over, but this Day of the Dead ring is a fashion staple in any rocker chic’s wardrobe. This stainless steel features very detailed skeleton designs, one of which is a skull made of flowers. This piece is perfect for matching statement shirts, ripped black jeans, and black Doc Martens boots.

CJ2642 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Light Black Top Grade Crystal Tanzanite Flower Dome Ring

Next up is a statement piece that exudes a combination of femininity and confidence. This black-plated stainless steel piece boasts a floral dome design made even more eye-catching with tanzanite-colored rhinestones. The lavender-and-black color combination is perfect for matching with Gothic-inspired dresses or tops.

Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Black AAA Grade CZ Sea Blue Ring

This next ring features a lovely sea blue-colored cubic zirconia crystal as its center stone and is nestled in a pear cut setting studded with tiny transparent triple-A grade CZ stones. The thin black-plated band also features a bubble design on the top. Perfect for wearing solo, this statement piece can also be gifted as an engagement or promise ring.

CJ3534 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel Top Grade Crystal Jet Infinite Sparkle Ring

Perfect for wearing with other minimalist rings, this stainless steel ring features tiny black top-grade crystals on the whole band. When hit with light, the crystals sparkle and look as though they are black amethyst druzy. This ring is ideal for wearing with basically all types of wardrobe styles this new year, especially if you need to add some sparkle to an otherwise bland outfit.

CJE3566 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Black Aurora Borealis Ring

Finally, we have a piece that looks like the beauty of the night. Staying true to its name, this ring features sparkly rhinestones with a rainbow shimmer mimicking the beautiful light show of the Aurora Borealis. On the other hand, the black-plated band features lines that mimic the sky phenomenon’s streaks of light. Because of that, this piece is ideal for wearing at events set in the evening or night.


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