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Why Use Social Media for Your Jewelry Business

Learn the benefits of having social media accounts and how they can boost your jewelry sales.

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Having an online presence is a must for all jewelry businesses, especially now that more people are considering shopping online due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, some traditional business owners do not like technology and want to stay as a traditional shop. But shifting online and utilizing social media will do your business good. It may be a scary move, but it is wise and profitable.

Still not convinced? Here are ways how social media can boost the sales and exposure of retail or wholesale fashion jewelry businesses:

Social media allows your jewelry business to reach more people effortlessly.

Your jewelry store may be doing good with regular and loyal customers. But the pandemic happened, and you are forced to temporarily close your store. The only way to reach new customers and widen your scope is via social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest allow you to showcase your products via publishing photos and videos. You can even get new customers from other states or countries.

You get to “advertise” jewelry products for free.

Advertising for free on social media means regularly posting photos on your accounts. You can showcase them absolutely with no fee. Write engaging and interesting descriptions to increase the chances of users reposting your products on their accounts. Of course, you can also create and host social media ads to reach a specific audience and get better results.

Social media allows you to showcase all your jewelry products.

An actual jewelry display is a problem now, as not many people like shopping outdoors for fear of getting infected. With that said, the only solution is showcasing them on your social media accounts. There are no limits as to how many images you can publish in a day, and you can provide all the information for each jewelry piece.

You can easily update customers with your promotions and announcements.

There's no need to put up signs in your store and spend money on traditional advertising services. With social media, you can easily publish new promotions or business announcements. You also have the option to turn your posts into sponsored ads if you want more people to see them.

You can still engage with customers on social media.

Some may probably think that you cannot interact with customers with social media as they usually do in physical stores. However, businesses can still do. In fact, you can immediately answer your customers’ questions and read their feedback. Via social media, you can connect and build stronger relationships with your loyal customers. This will then lead to higher consumer trust, greater online exposure, and, eventually, higher revenue.