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Why Sell Tiger Eye Rings for Men

Learn more about tiger eye rings for men and why they’re worth adding to your inventory.

Men generally prefer bulky fashion rings over thin, minimalist ones. These pieces include masonic rings, military rings, skull rings, and stone rings. As for stone rings, one of the most common gems created into rings is the tiger's eye. This crystal boasts a golden brown color with a striking luster resembling the eye of a cat.

What is a tiger eye crystal?

Tiger's eye has long been believed to be a stone of protection and may bring good luck to the wearer. It can promote mental clarity, protect the wearer from negative energy, and assist one in seeing things in a more positive, optimistic light.

Today, tiger eye crystals are made into various types of jewelry, including men's fashion rings. Aside from being a good luck charm, tiger eye rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry that can kick a guy’s look up a notch. They are ideal for wearing with any style and can complement wardrobe pieces in warm colors.

Why consider selling tiger eye fashion rings for men?

Adding tiger eye men's rings to your inventory this season is definitely worth considering. They are fashionable, striking, versatile, and relatively affordable when bought in bulk. To give you design ideas, here are four pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection that you might want to sell to your customers:

CJG2396 Stainless Steel Tiger Eye Ring

Stainless Steel Tiger Eye Ring from CeriJewelry

This first piece has a rectangular-cut semi-precious tiger eye center stone. On both of its sides have right-angle design patterns that stand out because of the dark accents. This piece gives off Bali ring vibes, so it’s perfect for guys who prefer tropical or Bohemian fashion styles.

CJE3001 Men’s Stainless Steel IP Light Black Synthetic Tiger Eye Topaz Ring

This next piece boasts a dark color palette making it perfect for men who are into dark-colored clothing and accessories. This fashion ring has a rectangular-cut synthetic tiger eye with a somewhat darker hue as the center stone. On the other hand, the band is light-black plated stainless steel that gives off a manly gray brilliance. 

CJG2489 Stainless Steel Tiger Eye Ring

Stainless Steel Tiger Eye Ring from CeriJewelry

For the guys who are into yellow gold jewelry, this piece is perfect to offer them. This fashion ring features a faceted synthetic tiger eye crystal with a caramel-golden brown shade. The gold-plated stainless steel band features black tic tac toe patterns that give off youthful, fun vibes. Casual or dressy, this ring can level up any look.

CJ416 Stainless Steel Topaz Tiger Eye Ring

Stainless Steel Topaz Tiger Eye Ring from CeriJewelry

Lastly, we have a ring that features a slick oblong-shaped synthetic tiger eye center stone. The wide stainless steel band has smooth edges that complement the roundness of the gem. Among the four, this fashion ring has a less bulky design, yet it’s still striking enough to top off any look.