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Why You Should Sell Cubic Zirconia Rings

Not as pricey as diamonds, cubic zirconia crystals are just as stunning on rings.

Stainless Steel High polished AAA Grade CZ Clear Heart Ring

Diamond rings indeed are show-stopping pieces and are appealing to customers who are into sparkly pieces. However, they can get too expensive and might be tough to sell.

Cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to this costly crystal. With that said, CZ rings are items worth selling to fashion-forward customers. Here are other reasons why you should include them in your wholesale fashion jewelry collection this year:

Stainless Steel High polished AAA Grade CZ Clear Double Heart Ring

1. They are of high quality.

Cubic zirconia rings do not look cheap at all, as opposed to popular belief. These pieces offer quality that can give your customers an elegant and classic look. This is also why some couples today prefer to get CZ promise rings and wedding rings.

2. CZ rings are brilliantly stunning.

Cubic zirconia crystals boast flawlessness and perfect clarity. These stones sparkle even in the touch of the faintest light, as would diamonds. They also give flashes of rainbow colors, making CZ rings ideal for wearing in the evening and night -- perfect for customers looking for jewelry to wear in evening affairs.

3. They come in many colors and styles.

CZ rings are available in a broad array of colors and designs, a quality that diamonds do not have. You can offer your customers rings that feature multi-colored crystals, CZ rings with two-tone bands and more styles. Offering a wide selection of styles also allow you to cater to customers with different fashion styles.

4. CZ rings are fashion-forward accessories.

As mentioned, CZ rings are available in so many trendy designs. Because of that, your customers get to stay in-trend without having to burn their pockets. Pique their interest further and offer CZ ring sets that they can get for less, as opposed to purchasing them individually. Experiment with styles, mix and match the CZ pieces, and create fun jewelry sets.

5. Celebrities love them.

Celebrities are known to love cubic zirconia rings because they can do daily activities without having to worry about wearing out their expensive rings. Market your CZ rings that look similar to what the celebrities are currently wearing. You can also create sets inspired by these celebrities to catch your customers' attention.


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