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2 Simple Tips That Will Make Your Last Minute Christmas Jewelry Shopping A Breeze

With Christmas day just less than a week away, are you done with your holiday shopping?

We at Cerijewelry understand how busy all of us can get this time of the year. And with that, we’re giving you 2 tried and tested last minute shopping tips that can make your wholesale fashion jewelry shopping easier and more convenient.

Feel free to let us know how these tips helped you in shopping for cocktail rings, necklaces and other jewelry pieces for your loved ones this Christmas time.

Have a wonderful time last minute shopping!


Look for bigger discounts

If there’s one good thing about last minute Christmas shopping for jewelry sets and other gifts, it’s the fact that you’d be able to get items at lower prices as the special day nears. Retailers are generally more generous this time of the month to take advantage of the opportunity to make more sales.

Always keep in mind that the goods which didn’t rake up sales in the first half of the holiday season are almost always offered with further discounts when Christmas day nears. The key is to watch out for these slow selling items to be able to enjoy good discount deals. If you’re not sure if the item is slow selling, your safest bet would be to ask how much of it are still in stock.

Track your spending with one credit card

Blowing off your holiday budget is another thing that’s made easier as you start ticking off items on your last minute shopping list.

To share with you how using just one credit card for last minute shopping can save you loads of cash, here are 3 of the most important reasons to keep in mind:

·        Credit cards have limits

That is, they have spending limits. Having your credit card decline a transaction could be the best and the same time most embarrassing way to remind yourself that you’ve spent enough for designer jewelry pieces, clothes, shoes and other gift items. Credit cards never fail to remind all of us that money doesn’t grow on trees or knock right at our doorsteps.

·        Get to view all of your expenses in one bill

Aside from being convenient, having to see the hundreds of dollars you spent thisChristmas season can put things back in perspective. Kidding aside, we think that being honest and straightforward with your expenses is an effective way to get your finances in the pink of health.

·        Plastic money lets you forget you have real money

Most of us might already know that this can work both ways. On one end, using credit cards can make us forget how much money we actually have to pay for the goods. On the other end we could forget to take note that we have more money to spend which is good since it would allow us to save for future jewelry buys or other expenses.

Either way, using credit cards to track our Christmas shopping is a more efficient way to do so because it leaves clearer tracks that we could trace.

Remember that we all have that tendency to spend more for gift items when we think that we are running out of time. But like what we said, spending starts all in our head.

Do you have a budget for yourlast minute Christmas shopping list?

We’d love to know how you’re going about your holiday shopping with just a few days away from the big day. Feel free to send us your thoughts on the comments below.