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Caring For Your Wholesale Jewelry (Part I)

Wholesale jewelry is not for businessmen alone. Individuals have long been known to purchase wholesale jewelry for their loved ones. Not only is wholesale jewelry fashionable, they cost a whole lot cheaper and can be bought easily from wholesale jewelry suppliers. 

Extending the life of your wholesale jewelry is a must if you want it to be heirloom pieces, passed on from one generation to the next. Here’s how:

Image Credit: goldengategreenista.com

• Everyday toiletries can actually ruin a good piece of a wholesale multicolor cocktail ring. Soaps, shampoos, and conditioners build up residue on your wholesale jewelry, leaving a filmy build-up under and around a setting. This may cause the brilliance of your wholesale jewelry to lose its luster and shine, especially there is a gemstone. In addition, it can also give metals a duller appearance.

• Outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, swimming, or playing sports, can wreak havoc to your wholesale jewelry – for example, wholesale bracelets. For avid gardeners, using work gloves is advisable to avoid dirt and soil being embedded in your wholesale engagement ring. Wholesale bracelets can also get caught in something and be lost in the process. Thus, wholesale jewelry will last longer if you regularly remove them when doing heavy work.

• Spas and gyms make you feel good – not for your wholesale jewelry though. Elements such as chlorinated pools, hot tub, and sauna can damage wholesale jewelry such as wholesale pendants. These elements wear away the polished finish of a cubic zirconia stone or gemstone, giving it a dull and lackluster shine. Additionally, they may cause discoloration.

• Wholesale chain bracelets should be checked regularly. Larger links can wear thin through years from use due to the interconnecting links rubbing against each other, thinning them out. Have your wholesale bracelets regularly checked to avoid stone breakage or falling out of the mount.

• Wholesale earrings should be cleaned with alcohol to kill any bacteria in it. Someone may have tried on the wholesale earrings or may have handled them in the wrong way. When putting on wholesale stud earrings, put a tissue between the stone and your finger as you push it against your ear to avoid leaving marks on the stone’s surface.

Wholesale jewelry come in many forms – wholesale pearl jewelry, wholesale cocktail rings, wholesale gemstone jewelry, wholesale bridal jewelry, and more. It is wise to take great care of them, preserving them for the next generation for them to appreciate the beauty and style wholesale jewelry brings.