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Caring For Your Wholesale Jewelry (Part II)

With the many forms in which wholesale jewelry comes – gemstone jewelry, cubic zirconia jewelry, Premium Austrian jewelry, pearl jewelry – there are different methods in which to care for them. Their differences are not only the material used and embellishments, but with the right tips to extend the life of these wholesale jewelry pieces.


Focusing on the variety of styles and materials used in wholesale jewelry and we will show how to properly care for jewelry, read on:
• Chains, whether they come in the form of wholesale bracelets or wholesale necklaces, have a distinct way of being preserved. Lay the chains on a flat surface to avoid knots or kinks. Additionally, wholesale beaded necklaces use silk strands to attach the beads to each other and this type of wholesale necklaces should likewise be stored flat to avoid tearing from the silk strands being stretched over time.

• Diamonds and their cheaper counterpart, the inexpensive wholesale cubic zirconia can also diminish through everyday products such as toiletries, household chemicals, and powder. Add to that the skin’s natural oils and sweat and your wholesale jewelry can be damaged in no time. With the help of a gentle dishwashing soap, a soft brush, warm water, and a clean surface of your wholesale cz jewelry then rinse. Commercial wholesale jewelry cleaners are also widely available.
• When spraying on perfume, hairspray, or deodorant, do not put your wholesale jewelry on immediately. Wait for a few minutes to avoid the chemicals harming your wholesale jewelry. For example, wholesale pearl earrings can lose its iridescence, luster, and color if you regularly put it on before waiting for the perfume to dry.

As a general rule, store your wholesale jewelry pieces in separate zip-locked bags to prevent scratching one another. By regularly checking and cleaning them, the life of your wholesale jewelry will be longer.