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Marketing Your Wholesale Jewelry

So, you’re starting your own wholesale jewelry business? Good for you! Fashion jewelry is a fashion accessory that is going to be around for quite some time and getting in on the wholesale jewelry bandwagon is bound to be a good decision. Of course, the industry is filled with many different wholesale jewelry manufacturers that aside from providing high-quality products and competitive prices, one of the biggest challenges you are about to face is marketing your product.

Image Credit: jewelrymakingjournal.com

With so many wholesale jewelry companies out there, you can make your business life easy by using the Internet. Using the web as platform for your wholesale jewelry business makes it easier for any budding entrepreneur to set up a business and start earning profits. After you have found your wholesale jewelry supplier, then set up your company website. This, in itself, is a challenge because your website is the customer’s way of getting to know your products and eventually purchasing your wares. Make sure to invest in a well-designed and user friendly website.

The idea here is to attract customers to your website and have them place their orders online. Your job now is to forward these orders to your wholesale jewelry manufacturer. Of course, selling wholesale jewelry means adding a mark-up to the products. A reasonable way to approach this tricky part of the business is to calculate how much your wholesale jewelry provider charges you including transportation and packaging, and then add up to a maximum of 30% to that price. Online wholesale jewelry suppliers like Cerijewelry.com have affordable prices and a low minimum purchase requirement so as an entrepreneur, you are able to provide your customers with savings.

Additionally, make sure to place a low reserve cost for your wholesale jewelry items and while you are still new to the business. So, let your buyers pay for shipping costs, and insurance costs, if necessary.

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