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Proper Storage of Wholesale Jewelry

While the Internet has provided a home to many wholesale jewelry suppliers, there are still wholesale jewelry suppliers and retailers who prefer doing business at a physical location. Properly storing wholesale jewelry is often a challenge as great care should be exerted to avoid damaging wholesale jewelry pieces. For storing your wholesale earrings, wholesale rings, wholesale bracelets, wholesale necklaces, and wholesale pendants, this is what you should do:


• Fishhook ear wires are great for storing wholesale earrings. Hang fishhook ear wires embellished with wholesale dangling earrings or wholesale stud earrings around the rim of a wine glass for a unique and aesthetic look.

• Draping strings of wholesale pearls on the top of your mirror is not only unconventional but eye-catching too. Wholesale earrings hung on the gaps add brilliance and artistry to your wholesale jewelry storage.
• Hardware shops help in the proper storage of your wholesale jewelry. How? Simply purchase small storage boxes from your local hardware store wherein you can put wholesale jewelry in as many as 16 drawers.
• Ribbons are not just for gifts. Wholesale earrings can be stored on long pieces of ribbon with the ends tacked on the back of a dresser or wardrobe.
• Wholesale earrings and wholesale necklaces can also be stored on corkboards with pins on it. Feeling artistic? Decorate the frame by removing the actual corkboard, painting the frame and embellishing it with beads, sequins, laces, etc, and finally stapling a piece of mesh to hold lots of wholesale earrings.
• Large stacking bead containers are equally helpful in properly storing your wholesale jewelry keeping your wholesale rings from being dusty despite not being used for a long time. Make sure that the bead containers screw together with the bottom of one container serving as the top of the one below it. Not only can you see exactly what you want and thus saving more time, no wholesale jewelry piece gets tangled either.
• Wholesale earrings can also be hooked on old and damaged film rolls. Place them horizontally on a shelf and hook the wholesale earrings on the little square holes found on the edge of the film.
• Ornate candelabras can hold multiple wholesale jewelry pieces. In it you can hang wholesale earrings, wholesale necklaces, and even wholesale bracelets. Other suggestions are mugs, cup holders, and old light fittings.

Storing wholesale jewelry properly and safely does not have to be on expensive containers or tools. By being resourceful, old and used daily household items can serve as containers or outlets where you can store your wholesale jewelry pieces.