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Making Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Last Longer

Gemstones such as pearls, opals, corals, turquoise, ruby, and emerald require special needs when being cleaned. Embellishing wholesale jewelry with these gemstones add to their price because of the value precious stones bring. For wholesale gemstone jewelry to last longer, here are a few tips:
• Wholesale pearl jewelry should be restrung every few years to avoid knots and breakage. Not only does this prevent pearls from scratching each other, it also avoids instances such as pearls scattering all over due to breakage. Pearls are cleaned with mild soapy water and letting them dry on a towel.
• Wholesale opal jewelry should be kept away from direct sunlight and extremely cold weather. The opals may crack if subjected to extreme weather conditions. Store wholesale opal jewelry in a plastic bag wrapped in a damp cloth to prevent opals from dehydrating and cracking when living in a dry climate. Chemical jewelry cleaners should likewise be avoided when cleaning opals because of the gemstone’s porosity. A gentle dish washing liquid, mild water, and toothbrush will do.
• Corals are gemstones that are also porous and should not come in contact with any chemicals. Corals are soft and delicate which is why they require extra effort in cleaning and storing. With a moist, soft cloth, clean wholesale coral jewelry and avoid getting them chipped or scratched.
• Turquoise is very attractive gemstone and wholesale jewelry embellished with turquoise is very eye-catching. However, because of their fragile state and porosity, wholesale turquoise jewelry should be kept away from heat and chemicals. They should be stored separately in jewelry pouches to avoid being scratched against each other. Cleaning them with lukewarm water and a soft brush is enough.
• Wholesale gold tone jewelry should be kept away from any household cleaning materials, because when it is contact with these cleaning materials there are abrasions to the metal. Stay away from chlorinated pools and avoid wearing wholesale gold tone jewelry while using cleaning products that have chlorine in them as chlorine is gold’s worst enemy.
• Wholesale sterling silver jewelry can be cleaned with a soft cloth or a fine piece of felt. Commercial silver cleaners are widely available and these can be used to clean your wholesale sterling silver jewelry. Again, chlorine can cause damage to silver by tarnishing just like what exposure to light, air, and sweat can do. Clean your wholesale silver jewelry at the end of the day and store them in a soft cloth bag.