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Top Tips to Market Your Wholesale Jewelry Business

Getting retailers to carry your wholesale jewelry line takes a lot of effort. Not only is great PR, but marketing your wholesale jewelry business should be done as well. Be inspired and get creative because this is what you’ll need to successfully market your wholesale jewelry business not only to retailers, but to individual customers too.

• Giveaways are freebies that clients love. It shows being valued and appreciated and it encourages your clients to buy more wholesale jewelry from you. For example, offering free wholesale jewelry earringsfor a certain amount of purchase will not only increase your sales but giving away free wholesale jewelry gives the idea that you are being grateful for the business your customers have given you. Promotions such as email campaigns or referrals are also a means to give freebies to your current customers. It builds excitement and spreads information about your business as well.

• Team up with fellow wholesale jewelry suppliers to co-sponsor events such as fashion shows or trade shows. Planning an event together not only expands your business networks but it helps build rapport with wholesale jewelry colleagues too. By sponsoring giveaways or lending wholesale jewelry for free, it gives additional exposure to your wholesale jewelry business.

• Social networking sites are not just for socializing anymore. With the advent of social media marketing, networking sites such as Multiply, Facebook, and Twitterincrease wholesale jewelry business’ exposure by allowing businesses and companies to interact more with their consumers. However, determining the proper social networking sites for your business is also a must. You wouldn’t want to target the wrong audience.

• Visuals greatly increase the chances of consumers seeing your wholesale jewelry line. From wholesale rings to wholesale pendants, tell a great story with the help of videos to increase your wholesale jewelry sales.

• Newsletters and e-letters are a great way to get in touch with your customers. Inform consumers of the latest promotions in wholesale jewelry shopping through monthly or weekly newsletters that you can send via email. It helps keep your customers in the loop on what is going on with your business. Doing it too often will result in being branded as spam.

There are certainly more ways to market your wholesale jewelry business. Not everything will result in a positive outcome. Then again, how will you know if you don’t try?