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Retailer Tips: How to Sell Wholesale Jewelry Online

Purchasing wholesale jewelry such as wholesale rings, wholesale earrings, and wholesale bracelets and re-selling them online takes a lot of work. With the wholesale jewelry business, there are things every retailer needs to know to successfully sell their wholesale jewelry online. Thanks to the internet, the marketplace for retailers has just gotten bigger. Here’s what you need to know when selling wholesale jewelry online:

Your business is your baby. Don’t think of your wholesale jewelry business as pure business and nothing else. Be proud of what you have started and know that your wholesale jewelry business is a bridge that links you and your clientele.

Value your customers. When doing online wholesale jewelry transactions, some customers prefer to email rather than calling or physically visiting your store (if there is a store). Respond to inquiries via email promptly to make clients and potential customers feel appreciated. It doesn’t matter whether they are potential customers or simply passersby. They may eventually be your loyal clients in the end.
Selling wholesale jewelry suggests you are interested in fashion jewelry in general. Thus, the questions about materials that are used at studios, the jewelry making process, shipping methods, and the philosophy behind your business should be easily answered. Showing that you know a lot about the wholesale jewelry pieces you sell indicates that you mean business. It gives an atmosphere of professionalism and trust that your clients will deeply value.

Honesty is the best policy. Never lie to customers just to make a sale. By believing in what you say and do, clients will have a good business relationship with you. If, for example, a client wants to purchase a pearl necklace but in your opinion as a jeweler, a gemstone necklace would be more appropriate, then tell your client gently what you think would be best suited for her. Not only does this suggest an open communication between you and your client, but it also makes the clients trust you and your opinion.

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