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Tips on Selling Slow Moving Jewelry Inventory

If you have been in wholesale jewelry business for a long time, you must experience having an item that refuses to budge for weeks or even months. Unsold jewelry that is sitting on your display, longer than it should be, would affect your cash flow and may even create a negative impression about your business.

Fashion trends come and go. And failure to differentiate trends from fads can surely contribute to the pile of slow moving items in your jewelry display. Fortunately, there are effective ways to clear out your inventory and get rid your store of out of fashion accessories and jewelry.

Here are some effective ways that will help you sell slow moving items.

1.    Sell it by bundle

Pair best selling fashion ring with slow selling bracelets to create a combination that is more likely to appeal to your customers. Bundle up different jewelry pieces and adjust your price accordingly. Put this on a special section of your store and hang an attractive sign to let everyone know about your offer.

2.    Switch location of your jewelry display

Sometimes a change of location can help people appreciate your product better. Put it near the counter to allow last minute shopping or put it on the more prominent area of your store, so they won’t have to compete with other items in your store.

3.    Put it on a sale bin

Do you want to sell it as fast as possible? Put up a sale bin and mark it with 50% off sign. Budget savvy ladies will surely pick up your promo. Some bargain hunters also prefer to buy off season products to save money so don’t be afraid to include unsold items from previous seasons. Don’t forget to put a red sticker to avoid confusion.

4.    Give it as a reward to loyal customers

Put it in an attractive paper bagor jewelry box and give it as a reward to your loyal customers. It’s a great way to connect with your buyers while making a way for new set of inventory. Use this opportunity to get reviews about your products or to get useful feedback from your frequent shoppers.
As we welcome a new season, it is important to rid your store of the items that will no longer fit your customer’s needs and wants. Find more ways to sell jewelry on our next blog posts.