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7 Jewelry Marketing Tips for The Holidays

Learn how to prepare for the surge of orders this holiday season.

Is your jewelry business ready for this year’s grand holiday shopping events?

Jewelry is one of the most bought products that are given as gifts for most occasions. One can never go wrong with gifting someone a trendy pair of earrings or a lovely minimalist necklace! And since Black Friday and Cyber Monday - the two events that kick off the holiday shopping season, are but a few weeks away, you should be able to prepare for more orders.

In fact, Statista predicts that holiday jewelry sales will see a significant increase compared to pre-pandemic levels, growing by 52.9 percent compared to the 2019 holiday season. And when compared to 2020, jewelry sales will increase by a whopping 59 percent.

With that said, now is the perfect time to start with your holiday campaigns. Take the opportunity of the surge of jewelry orders this time of year. Here are seven jewelry marketing tips for both retail and wholesale fashion jewelry sellers for the coming holidays:

  1. Rebrand.
  2. Customize your product lines.
  3. Run ads.
  4. Know what your target customers want.
  5. Host contests.
  6. Offer free and fast shipping.
  7. Spread the word!
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#1 Rebrand.

Start with rebranding with a holiday theme. In fact, even just slightly modifying your logo by adding holiday elements can make a huge difference. You can start posting graphics with Thanksgiving and Christmas themes and upload banners on your website to get your customers in the mood to do some holiday shopping. 

As for jewelry businesses with physical stores, you can start by redesigning your jewelry display, particularly those at the windows. Put up some fairy lights and play some holiday music.

#2 Customize your product lines.

Next, focus on adjusting your product lines. Add some holiday-inspired jewelry pieces, like those that have skulls, pumpkins, and acorns for fall and Thanksgiving, and snowflakes, the gingerbread man, and reindeer designs for Christmas.

Fashion jewelry with religious designs can also be included, as Christmas is a holiday across religions. A Jesus ring and cross earrings are good examples. Explore these relevant themes and incorporate them into your product lines.

#3 Run ads.

This is the best time of year to invest and spend more on online and social media ads. Experts say that organic results can be tough to get during the holidays because competition is at its all-time high. So to be seen by your target customers, invest in running highly targeted ads online.

Make sure to use relevant keywords for your ad copies, as well as hashtags in captions, to make sure they reach the right audiences. Best keywords include “jewelry sale,” “holiday sale,” and “jewelry gifts.”

#4 Know what your target customers want.

It is important to know what type of fashion jewelry pieces your customers currently want. So make sure to check the stats of both your ads and your online store to see which designs and styles bring in revenue. 

Most ad platforms have dashboards that provide these analytics, so determining your best-selling pieces won’t be a challenge. 

#5 Host contests.

People LOVE contests or anything that gives them a chance to get something for free. So make sure to host contests on your social media platforms that have holiday themes. They don't have to be complicated; a simple follow-and-share contest will do.

Of course, always use hashtags to make users find you easily. Best hashtag examples that you can use include:


#6 Offer free and fast shipping.

Some people may do last-minute shopping sprees because, well, they are busy! Make sure to cater to these shoppers by offering fast or same-day delivery. Quick shipment perks will make you win their appreciation.

The same is the case with free shipping. Be able to take competitors off the edge by offering this perk, plus fast shipments.

#7 Spread the word!

Announce all promotions via social media and regularly post. Utilize Stories to keep followers updated with your every move. Engage with your followers and acknowledge their questions or suggestions. Keeping your followers in the loop increases the chances of them being loyal, repeat customers even after the holiday season.

The takeaway

Sales may be higher during holidays, but beating competitors, a lot of them, maybe challenging. The strategies mentioned above may help, but of course, they are just guides for you to create your own strategy that best fits your business.

Being noisy on social media and offering unique perks help a lot, so that's an excellent place to start. Good luck with your holiday campaigns!