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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Tips For Jewelry Shops

Effectively send competitors off the edge with these online marketing strategies for your jewelry business.

person holding out mobile phone with a shop window in the background with Black Friday sale poster

It’s a little more than a month before the biggest annual sale! You, just like other businesses, are likely to be preparing for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And because of the increase in the number of online businesses resulting from the pandemic, you are sure going to have to cut through the increased noise of competition. 

Your old marketing strategies might not work this year, so it’s best to seek other tips and tricks for you to effectively sell out your jewelry items. So whether you are selling retail or wholesale fashion jewelry, make sure to be open to new strategies that you have never done before.

Here are eight online marketing tips for jewelry businesses that you can try:

  1. Send emails to your subscribers.
  2. Offer exclusive sneak peeks on deals.
  3. Create jewelry buying guides.
  4. Create new sale landing pages.
  5. Use hashtags!
  6. Go all out on online ads.
  7. Host contests.
  8. Offer exclusive follower discounts.

#1 Send emails to your subscribers.

Email marketing is an excellent channel to bring sales even before the actual sale dates. Create a series of emails that have catchy subject lines and straightforward message content. Of course, it should focus on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and which types are products have markdown prices.

It’s important to add a link to your e-commerce website or CTA to make sure readers will go to your online store.

#2 Offer exclusive sneak peeks on deals.

One excellent way to increase anticipation is to provide sneak peek content. Create teaser videos of products that will be on sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and post them on all your social media channels. There is no need to hire professionals for this -- you can use free editing tools like Canva and Animoto.

Be sure to use royalty-free images and music to avoid copyright problems.

#3 Create jewelry buying guides.

Jewelry gift buying guides on discounted pieces will make shopping easier for your customers. Great guide ideas include For Her and For Him, as well as Couple Pieces and Minimalist Pieces. You can also create guides based on the metal finishing or crystal accents of the pieces. 

Once you’ve created these guides, promote them on social media to encourage your followers to check them out. Limited content like Facebook and Instagram Stories are the best channels to use for this.

#4 Create new sale landing pages.

As with buying guides, it’s also a wise move to create new landing pages for exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounted products on your e-commerce website. Doing so can help your customers with their shopping, allowing them to find items they are looking for faster.

You can also use these special landing pages for your online ads, so make sure they look aesthetically pleasing, are easy to navigate, and have complete information.

#5 Use hashtags!

Take advantage of hashtags on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns. Hashtags that you can use include:


You can also use your shop’s name in your hashtags. For instance, ours would be #cerijewelrysale or #cerijewelrydeals. These hashtags will allow you to reach shoppers specifically looking for the best jewelry deals this season.

#6 Go all out on online ads.

As it has always been, advertisers spend on ads way more than usual during the Black Friday weekend. This is because the return on these ads is high and justifies the increased ad spend. So if you plan to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, consider increasing the ad spend a few days before Black Friday itself. Going early will allow you to make adjustments to the ads before the actual sale dates.

Make sure to run ads on channels where most of your target customers are. Otherwise, increasing your ad spend will not give you the best results. 

#7 Host contests.

Contests are a surefire way to engage customers. They increase anticipation and encourage shoppers to check out your products, thereby increasing the chances of converting them. These contests also benefit your business in so many ways. They effectively increase followers, exposure, engagement and make people recommend your shop to others. This is especially the case if the contest requires users to follow your page and tag their friends.

As for the prize, excellent ideas are gift cards or special discounts that are only redeemable during the four-day grand sale.

#8 Offer exclusive follower discounts.

Finally, make sure to offer special discounts to your loyal followers. Create an exclusive discounts page on your website, which is only accessible by the followers of your social media channels. Or you can provide a special, unique discount code for them that can only be used during Black Friday until Cyber Monday.

These exclusive follower deals will increase the chances of your loyal followers making repeat purchases from your shop not just during the holiday season but also in the coming years.