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How Investing in Video Marketing Benefits Your Jewelry Business

Learn the reasons why video marketing is a good strategy for your jewelry business. 

With people staying in their homes longer, the number of people online continues to rise. Buying in online stores now have become the norm -- not only because of convenience but also because of the current pandemic. It’s just fitting that you work on finetuning your online jewelry shop to get more leads.

One marketing strategy to consider is video marketing. Humans are visual creatures, so visual content is the best type of content to focus on now. Also, these videos influence your customers’ buying decisions and behavior. Google also has found that 55% of consumers use online videos for researching products they want to buy online. That is why video marketing is one of the best strategies to reach your target audience.

Whether you are a small-time jewelry shop or a wholesale fashion rings seller, investing in video marketing is an excellent strategy during these turbulent times. Below are more reasons why:

Online shoppers consider videos as their shopping lists.

Gone are the days when people list down stuff they need from the shop on paper. Today, all they have to do is watch a video and take screenshots. 

For example, if a certain shopper got inspired in styling a summer dress by watching your lifestyle video, all they need to do is save it and re-watch when they are already in your e-commerce site. That is why it is also important to list down the jewelry items that you used, or your model wore in the tutorial video to make it easier for your customers. 

That means if people see your videos as convenient shopping lists, there is a big chance for engagement and traffic to your site, as people would gladly share your videos in their social media accounts because they made good use of them.

Videos keep your customers in-the-know.

Make people interested in your jewelry products by posting informational videos about the industry. If you upload a video on how to clean stainless steel jewelry, your customers will be more likely to purchase from your shop as they already know how to clean stainless steel pieces. They will be curious to know more, and this curiosity will urge them to try your products.

Another good video topic to keep people informed is a jewelry style guide. Topics such as this make users a bit more confident about shopping for jewelry online, especially if you feature diversity -- different styles for different types of skin tones or body types. 

Videos influence online shoppers’ final purchase decisions.

Video reviews greatly influence purchases more than anything. People tend to trust reviews from real customers than any marketing tool. A study by Google found that over 50% of shoppers believe that video reviews helped with deciding which particular product to buy.

That is why encouraging your customers to give you feedback is a wise move. Create a review video by compiling screenshots of their comments from your social media channels or even messaging apps. You can also ask them to send in video feedback in exchange for a freebie. It’s a win-win situation!